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Thank you for joining East Tennessee's most exclusive medical concierge program. Your membership includes a wide array of services that will help keep you in good health. Remember, we encourage you to utilize our services, and as such we will periodically send you text and email reminders.


By now you should have your first appointment scheduled to see one of our Physicians. If not someone will call you soon to book a consultation with one of our concierge physicians.


Oh and CONGRATULATIONS for being one of the 1st 100 members to join. You will get a FREE diagnostic test using our state of the art ANS/ASUDO diagnostic system. It is designed to test your Cardiac Functions as well as your Nueropathic Systems and  will give you a visual report of your current health status. This test is valued at $300 & is only offered to our first 100 clients. Welcome to the Family.

Value. Quality Care. Convenience.

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