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We get it. Going to the doctor can be expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance. However, getting good, afforadable healthcare shouldn’t be so hard. We believe that price transparency and honesty are critical to the patient-physician relationship. So we set out on  a mission to find a solution to better serve the community of uninsured patients. The result is our very own Family Concierge Program, which enables you to make low monthly payments for preventive healthcare for a healthier, longer life.

Our Family Concierge Program gives patients access, quality and control. Patients have access to same-day appointments, plenty of quality time with your provider, shorter wait times and an emphasis on health and wellness rather that just sick care. Studies have found that patients who sign up for this type of care report more satisfaction and fewer visits to emergency rooms and specialists.

The end result is greater savings on preventative care and higher quality care.

Value. Quality Care. Convenience.

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